Suspended Slabs, Beam & Polystyrene Block Decking System

Advantages of the Quickslab System

Quickslab – Less dead load on foundations, allowing for first floor construction without necessitating underpinning of foundations.

The Quickslab System has better acoustic and thermal properties; therefore containing noise and assisting with temperature control. This polystyrene block system will reduce your energy consumption, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint on our planet.Polystyrene has been used in construction for decades but only recently has become cost-effective with the higher energy and cement costs.  

This is a product of the future for those engineers’ designing energy efficient homes and buildings. The polystyrene block has no structural value and is only used as a permanent shutter to hold the concrete in place. The underside of the slab may be plastered as you would any other suspended slab. 

The polystyrene used today is environmentally friendly and also complies with fire ratings that meet industry standards.