Building from Foundation to Finish

Flowcrete has been operating since 1989

Expanding from decks and pre-cast to building constructions.

We specialise in structural concrete works i.e Brick work, plastering, bases, columns, reinforced concrete beams and reinforcing concrete core retaining walls

This is known as “Wet Works”. 
By managing the project yourself, 20% to 30% of the build cost can be saved.

This is done by contracting Flowcrete to build the shell. 

Then managing the:
Tiling and aluminium window contractors yourself.

Flowcrete will still co-ordinate the above contractors to ensure smooth workflow. 
We have built everything from multi story buildings to domestic homes. 
We build from foundation to finish. 

We service all sectors including industrial, commercial and residential.  
Send us your plans for a quotation.

Flowcrete diaries (Eps 1)

Flowcrete diaries (Eps 2 )