About Us

Executive Summary

Flowcrete’s core business is the supply and fitting of pre cast suspended floor slabs.
We manufacture both the lintels and polystyrene blocks that are the main components of the quick slab system.
Flowcrete has supplied, fitted and concreted suspended slabs since 1989.

Since the commissioning of our polystyrene plant in April 2008 we have developed a new walling system that is quick and easy to install. The polystyrene panels are 50% cheaper than masonry construction; rooms constructed with this technology require less energy to heat and cool. This polystyrene complies with industry fire ratings and regulations.

Flowcrete targets both the commercial and domestic sectors; our suspended slabs are designed to suit each individual need from forklift loading to domestic homes.

Flowcrete is based at 17 Martin Drive Queensmead Industrial Business Park, the shareholders are hands on in management of the business.

Further outlook

We at Flowcrete for see the future costs of masonry construction escalating exponentially. This is the main reason we have developed polystyrene walling and slabing for the African market, this type of construction is already being used in Europe and will be a more cost effective method of construction in the future. Problems that we may be faced with is the mind set of building with a light weight material such as polystyrene, initially people are skeptical of building with this product, most peoples assumption is light weight must be weak. For this reason we made the video “Robust Polystyrene housing”, in the video we demonstrate the strength of the product, where we fire multiple 9mm pistol rounds into the wall panel, until it penetrated on the 4th round in the same location.
We also repeatedly pound it with a 14 pound hammer, take a look for yourself.


Flowcrete’s two main products are Hi Tensile concrete lintels made for suspended concrete slabs, polystyrene blocks and wall panels. The blocks are used in suspended slabs as a permanent shuttering or void former. 

The wall panels are a cost effective, light weight, strong partitioning system as masonry construction gets progressively more expensive more people will entertain this new technology.                                                                    

Marketing Strategy

Our strategy is a simple one, our aim is to educate the man in the street as well as the professional people within our industry on how simple and strong this new method of construction is and that it saves time and money. We propose to do this by e-mailing the videos that appear on our web site to Architects, Plan drawers and developers. We also run advertising campaigns in prominent home improvement magazines and newspapers. The home improvement magazines have proven to be excellent exposure for Flowcrete.

We foresee polystyrene being used more and more in the future as it has featured a few times on the Discovery channel as the building material of the future. Its properties of energy saving, insulating and soundproofing are factors that have to be addressed daily in the construction of new homes and buildings.

Operations and Management

Flowcretes main key players in our organizational structure of business are M.A. Cornali and S.E.Maunier along with our management team. The business was founded by F.P. Cornali in 1989, we were joined by S.E.Maunier in the late 1990s our aim it to build the business to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Flowcrete Factory 1998

Flowcrete Group is an exemplary building construction company with a proven track record of excellence. Since 1989, Flowcrete has consistently delivered high-quality construction projects, adhering to the highest industry standards. The company’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail have solidified its reputation as trusted contractors in the construction industry.

Flowcrete’s Quickslab system, combined with their expertise in building from foundation to finish, exemplifies their dedication to innovation and efficiency in construction. The Quickslab system, known for its speed of installation and superior performance, showcases Flowcrete’s ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

Flowcrete Factory 2015

Moreover, Flowcrete Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. They prioritize open communication and collaboration with their clients, ensuring that every project is tailored to meet the unique needs and vision of the client. This client-centric approach has earned Flowcrete Group a solid reputation for reliability and excellence.

The company’s team of professionals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project, guaranteeing a seamless construction process from start to finish. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship and adherence to timelines sets them apart as industry leaders.

Flowcrete Factory 2015

In essence, Flowcrete Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the construction industry, setting the standard for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their longevity in the business is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding construction projects, and their Quickslab system exemplifies their dedication to advancement and efficiency. Trusting Flowcrete Group means choosing a partner that is synonymous with excellence, reliability, and superior construction solutions.